Taung Nyo dam examined by geological experts

TaungNyo Dam copy
The successfully upgraded Taung Nyo dam in Nattalin Township, Bago Region supplies water to farmlands.  Photo: MDN

Upgrading the irrigation system at the Taung Nyo dam in Nattalin Township, Bago Region, has been accomplished using Japan’s ODA loan, now it can safely supply water to farmlands in Bago Region.
On 12 February, a 6.13 magnitude earthquake rocked the region, and the epicenter was 17 miles south west of Pyu Township, and small quakes occurred 14 times up until 17 February.
The locations of all the quakes occurred in locations that are parallel to the dam. So, a team headed by U Zaw Oo, Assistant Director of the Geology Division measured the geological conditions of the dam by using advanced technology under the instruction of the Irrigation and Water Utilization Management Department.
The survey found that the dam has no dangerous faults even though its water level is almost at the highest level and in spite of numerous earthquakes that rocked the region.
The dam was built in 1996 and supplies water for 50,000 acres of monsoon paddy farmland annually. It also irrigates water for summer paddy and winter crops.


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