Tea leaves prices gain over higher demand in Shan State


Traders in the tea industry in Shan state said that the price of dried tea leaves is rising as the price of tea leaves is on the increase and farmers are no longer making dried tea leaves.
Soon, the time for Thadingyut and Tazaungdaing festivals will arrive, and the tea market is doing well.
“Now local farmers don’t dry it anymore. Tea leaves price is good and when they pick them out, they immediately sell them. So, the dried one is scarce, and the price is high,” said an owner of a tea leave industry.
Currently, the rainy season about to come and tea production is decreasing. The price of tea leaves is around K1,500 per viss, they no longer make dried tea leaves which takes a long time to do, local farmers say.
According to the Shan State Tea Market, the local price of pure dried tea leaves is around K8,000 per viss and the price of raw leaves is K3,500.
Due to the high consumption of tea leaves, local businesses are making preserved tea leaves, and prices are from around K6,000 to K8,500 per viss, according to the tea industry sources.
Local traders said that the months of September and October are the period when the tea stock is low, and the new tea leave will be harvested only in November and December.
Tea leaves are grown and produced in many places in Shan State, not only for domestic consumption but also for export. – TPT/GNLM

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