Ten bodies found from sunken vessel near Manaung Lighthouse

Transcom News Journal copy
The Sin Pyaung maintenance ship was used in performing regular checks on lighthouses and buoys. 
Photo: supplied by Transcom News Journal

The bodies of ten victims who were on board maintenance ship Sin Pyaung that sank near Manaung Lighthouse in Rakhine State on 11 February have been found, while seven have been rescued and nine are still missing.
The ship initially held 34 people on board and was anchored about one and a half mile from Manaung island while nine maintenance staff disembarked to work on the lighthouse on 7 February. On 11 February, the team on the island reported they did not see any lights of the ship and took two small boats to investigate the area. Upon arrival, the ship was nowhere to be seen, but they found seven of the 26 people who were on board at the time alive.
The survivors said the large volumes of water entered the ship before it sank. They are currently waiting at Taungup Tsp to return to Yangon. Relatives of the deceased and missing had also arrived in Manaung Tsp and authorities are aiding them in preparing funerals.
The Sin Pyaung was constructed in Hong Kong in 1959.


—GNLM (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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