Tents of violent attackers discovered in Mayu Mountain

4Security forces discovered tents, foods and utensils of violent attackers in Mayu Mountain range on 30 July.
Security personnel and villagers discovered the hidden tents, constrution materials, food  and utensials during a search for villager U Than Htay of Chutpyin Village, Yathedaung Township reported missing in Mayu Mountain range.
Discovered items include, a roll of green-colored water proof sheet, 12 multi-colored water proof sheets measuring 12 ft x 6 ft, a 100 ft coil of nylon rope, 4 shovels, 5 bags of rice, 7 viss of cooking oil, 5 packets of one viss dried fish pack, one viss packet of chili powder, 6 boxes of seasoning powders, betel nut 3 viss, 18 packets of one pound coffee mix packet, a carton containing 100 packets of 75 gm High Energy Biscuits with World Food Programme (WFP) logo, utensils and blankets.
Sittway based sub office of United Nations World Food Programme officials provided rice, cooking oil, salt, pea, biscuit and nutrient powders as humanitarian assistance to IDP camps in Rakhine State with the permission of Rakhine State government and investigations are underway into the case of the discovery of tents, utensils and foods.—Myanmar News Agency 3 2 1

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