The Benefits of Reading

  • By Ma Ma Moe ( Hmawbe)

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Though the moon shines at night in the sky, there will be a great difference between a man with bright eyes and a blind man. The blind man could not enjoy the beauty of the moon and its light; he will have to walk in total darkness in a fumbling manner. Men with bright eyes could enjoy the beauty of the moon and know how to use the light. By seeing the light, they could walk on the right path. In the same way, one could enjoy reading literature for the improvement of his improvement of his intelligence, by knowing the essence and benefits of literature.
While going through difficult times in life, he becomes to analyze what is good or bad, right or wrong; by distinguishing the cause and effect ,one could go across in life without finding serious obstacles in his path. Education has nothing to do with age, but it is related to one’s desires to pursue his education. Some world-famous personalities didn’t have a chance of pursuing their education in their young days. But their eager desires pushed them to study persistently to bring them back to become world-famous.
For instance, U Kyipwe alias Shindithamauk was illiterate in his young days, but because of his relentless study, he became a literary figure in history. That is why we should keep on studying literature so that benefits of literature could be used effectively. Reading could show some parts of one’s life and open the window of intelligence and knowledge so that one could study in his spare time. During these modern days, books are available by downloading through on-line websites.
In addition, it is convenient for those who have the social, economic and other beneficial sectors put into use. As a literate person is highly superior than an illiterate person in terms of intelligence and knowledge, less mistakes are made in doing business on a way to success. Reading plays an important role not only in economic fields but also in social ones; a literate person is prominent wherever he goes. The saying ‘Prominent education play an important role on all occasions’ means an extraordinary ability in terms of intelligence and knowledge. Nowadays, there are many ways of reading; but majority of the people read and write less and less. It is sad the standard of living in the country still remains lower if countries and their people are compared. That is why majority of the learned men repeatedly recommend to develop a habit of reading.
The developments in a country, its people, and religion are directly related with literature; the poorer the standard of literature and reading, the narrower is the outlook of the people. So the windows of literature must be open from all sides.
Because of that action, the benefits of literature will create human resources for the better benefits of our country.
Reading is able to give a nutritional value to one’s mind, having a great advantage of literature. Being in a loss and depression, the benefits of literature are enormous; literature still encourages you for the better. While in troubles, knowledge of analysis will overcome difficulties easily. That is why reading creates intelligence and possess a treasure trove; it is invaluable indeed. By analysis, intelligence dominates the mind; knowledge rules intelligence and literature dominates knowledge. That is why literature is a lord and master in this secular world.
In addition, during our lifetimes, reading plays a vital role in both secular world and worldly escaped way from desires and attachments, the people are earnestly urged to read as much as they could.
Translated by Arakan Sein

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