The destiny of the country lies in the capable hands of teachers

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[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]he new academic year has just begun. There may be some truth in blaming the current education system on the lower creative and intellectual powers of students. Yet the reform of the education system will definitely take time.
The downward spiral of education in the country will no doubt apportion the blame to teachers too. In a country like Myanmar, teachers are held in high esteem by people from all walks of life. They have a formative influence over the lives of their students.
The academic success of children should not rest with the government alone. Teachers should accept their share of the responsibility and bear in mind that effective teaching is a matter of how much students have learned rather than how much they have been taught.
It is important for teachers to come to school with an inspiration to encourage students to become more self-sufficient in their lifelong learning process. If the future is in the hands of students, then the future of students is in the hands of teachers.
Better education requires teachers to enhance their pedagogic skills on their own and seek approaches best suited and directly applicable to the needs of their students in class. Just as learning is a lifelong process, a teacher is a perennial student.
Anyone who stops learning and reading is a living death. Good books are teachers’ best friends. Continuous learning will one day convince us that what we have learned today will be just like a drop of water in the bucket then.

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