The records of true historic events cannot be deleted, hidden and edited


Every society in the world has its own history which tells us about the socio-economic evolution and development. History is compared as the current of stream or river. It never stands still or static or stationary. The current may be swift or rough or smooth along its route depending on the landscape. The depth and width are also in different sizes. So is the history. In the course of history, happy, sad, shocking, detestable and incredible incidents or events occurred in the particular society. The past events of revolutions, wars and political systems; the conducts of national heroes and prominent leaders; the cruelty of brutal rulers and monarchs; the terrible natural disasters and man-made disasters are recorded objectively in history of a certain society. This is called local history. Then the ordinary people and historians compiled the collection in order that the next generation would learn the lessons from it.
We do have our own history, handed down from our ancestors to present younger generations. The octogenarians, those who are still alive in Myanmar, had experienced the past eras of British colony, Parliament Democracy State, Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, State Law and Order Restoration Council and State Peace and Development Council. The octogenarians remember the sequences of political events occurred in Myanmar history. They tell the younger generations about the true events occurred in the eras of the successive governments in Myanmar. In case, some true historic events or the records of the ability and efficiency of honorable ideal persons or prominent leaders are omitted or hidden or deleted by unknown unscrupulous people in Myanmar, the younger generations must check the historic events with either the octogenarians or septuagenarians in Myanmar, those who witnessed the sequential events happened in the past or recent eras. This is the way or method for the younger generations to find the true facts about Myanmar history precisely and correctly.
In the course of our history, the local events have been recorded by people and historians.
World history also describes the worldwide events occurred in the world in the past such as  first World War, second World War, Founding of the United Nations, founding of NATO,SEATO, Industrial revolutions, significant peace treaties, world famous leaders, significant incidents, monarchs and other striking inventions and innovations etc. We study our history and world history to acquire knowledge and learn lessons. Besides, we can learn the social life, living standards, political systems, mindsets, concepts and people’s life struggle from the history of individual society. When we study world history, we acquire knowledge about socio-economic development, international relations, diplomatic relations among the societies, political systems of different societies, foreign policies of different societies, international trade, causes and effects of two world wars, breakthrough of sciences and discoveries around the world. The records of true events occurring in different societies at present would become their local history for their future generation.
Normally, humans are in the habit of recording daily events in their individual life or in their societies. Long, long ago, people had to learn the past events from oral history. Old generation orally passed or told the past events to the younger generations. This act is called oral history i.e. the collection and study of historical information using sound recordings of interviews with people who remember past events. Any way, if the information is accurate and reliable, it is worth collecting and studying indeed. Nowadays, if the people cannot find the written records of the past events of their society, they do rely on oral history. This is the way of finding the accurate historical information of a certain society. The main purpose of collecting historical facts is to let the future generations know or analyze the events occurred in their own society in the past.
Naturally, the good and bad results of the course of history are conveyed from one generation to another. If we think logically on the significant events, we find that most of them are caused by man. For instance, Paris Commune, Industrial revolutions, May Day, Anti-fascism struggle etc. in world history. These significant events in the world history are remembered by the entire world people and the accurate or true records cannot be deleted or hidden or edited. The records or data of them are to be remembered by future generations too. The tasks of archiving and preserving historical records must be passed on to posterity in a society. If they want to know the past history of the society, they should be able to get access to reliable information related to the events happened in the past. Whatever events, may be good or bad, must be recorded in history accurately. Deleting the bad events and tabulating only good events or replacing with fabricated events of the past are acts of malpractice. History is one of the compulsory subjects in school curriculum in many societies in the world. History major is the main subject or course of the students at college or university. Every citizen should study the history of their society. History is taught from secondary schools to universities in some societies in the world. The records of the efforts, conducts and ability of the leadership, government and people concerned in the past cannot be hidden or omitted.
If a certain society is ruled by the brutal or cruel despots, they try to delete or erase the fame and glory of leaders and prominent people in the past. Those famous leaders and prominent people are loved by entire people heartily. The people never forget the selflessness and sacrifices of those genuine leaders. They are always remembered by the people concerned. However, notorious and silly despots attempt to edit the political events in the past eras of genuine and efficient leaders. Those stupid rulers are jealous of the past leaders and they know that they are not loved by the oppressed. The people know that the rulers are self-seekers, who never treat people kindly. Since they are not elected by the people, they are scared to meet people in public areas. They usually tighten the security for them whenever they move around public areas. They have guilty consciousness, a phobia of opinion and a phobia of public. Obviously they reveal that they are not able to mix together and deal with grassroots level of people as well as the majority of people indeed. Although they are in power, they cannot face to talk to the public or give speech before the crowd of ordinary people concerned.
Newspapers tell the history of a society. When we read the domestic or local news of a society in the past, we can learn the social, political, economic situations and standard of people in that society from the newspapers. The various news happened in the daily life under the specific leadership in a particular society are the records of its history. Most of the newspapers in the world have freedom of expression and freedom of press, but the newspapers being issued in the societies under the regimes of dictators are in exception. In these societies both local and foreign news are heavily censored especially on domestic political issues. So, the true records are deleted and the people concerned cannot get the true news from other sources in the society because all the newspapers are state-owned and totally they are used for propaganda purposes of the regimes. The historical events in the past were written by people concerned and the events did visualize the regression or progression of socio-economic conditions and political system practiced in the specific society.
In this 21st century, the global people could achieve benefits from globalization and IT because almost every people from different societies can get access to the worldwide daily events on internet, which are neither hidden nor edited. The act of deleting or hiding or editing on the local or foreign news or events is regarded as a veiling the truth in human society. This act is totally not accepted by entire human beings and societies on earth now. Nobody can delete or hide or edit the true events or the glory of honorable persons or ideal persons or prominent people in the past or present. The local history or world history gives us great lessons and knowledge which must be passed on to our future generations. All must share the good and bad outcome from the history by any means. Concealing the true historical records is a sin!!!

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