Tree falls on YBS bus in Ahlon Township

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Responsible personnel are seen removing the fallen tree from the YBS bus.

A tree has fallen and struck a YBS bus in Kayinchan Ward of Ahlon Township, Yangon Region, said the Fire Services Department on 12 August.
On the day of the accident, Ahlon Township Fire Station members and auxiliary fire brigade members got information about a tree from the roadside has fallen on a YBS bus in Kayinchan Ward, located at the corner of Lower Kyimyindine Road and Ahlon Road at 8:03 am.
Thus, the team rushed to and cleared up the scene. A person named ‘Myat Ma Naw” also commented on social media regarding the incident “It’s raining hard all night long and the wind also got stronger around 3 am. It’s definitely not a rain shower.”
The Fire Services Department declared that no one was getting hurt in the incident. — TWA/GNLM

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