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Used bikes from Japan grasp market share in Mandalay city

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Second-hand Japan-made bicycles are seen in the market.

Mandalay city is well-known for its bike tour so the bikes do a roaring business in the city. The second-hand bikes from Japan with good performances have grasped a market share in the market.
The prices slightly go up on the brisk sales.
“Although they are second-hand bikes, they are durable with strong performance. The prices vary on the normal bikes and bikes with shifting gears. The price of a bike is worth approximately K120,000. A bike basket is fixed on some bikes, and some bikes are well maintained. We offer it at an affordable rate,” said a seller from Mandalay city.
The used bikes from Japan are imported into the country through maritime trade by the container ship. The shops keep them in good condition with some maintenance for re-sales.
“Chinese bicycles are widely seen in the market. The buyers prefer Japanese used bikes as they have high durability and good performance. The bicycles are environmentally fit and have become popular during the fuel price hike,” said a local resident.
There are two types of bicycles for adults and children. The prices ranged between K120,000-K150,000. There are separate markets for the race bikes with shifting gears.—Maung Aye Chan/GNLM

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