Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspects prospects for limestone mining, cement factory in Haka

Vice President U Henry Van Thio holds the meeting with authorities, responsible personnel over possibility of limestone mining in Bhone Zone, Haka.  Photo: MNA
Vice President U Henry Van Thio holds the meeting with authorities, responsible personnel over possibility of limestone mining in Bhone Zone, Haka.  Photo: MNA

Continuing his visit in Chin State yesterday, Vice President U Henry Van Thio went to the Viewpoint structure in Haka and observed the local development from the viewpoint, accompanied by Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi, deputy ministers and other officials.
From there, the Vice Presi- dent and entourage travelled by motorcade to Lay-Uwam (b) Village. Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Dr Ye Myint Swe then detailed about the search for minerals, conducting gauging tests and feasibility studies.
Next, a geologist from Brick Mountain Industrial Company Limited, U Thein Sint, explained the search for mining limestone in Lungrang Klang mountain in Haka’s Bhone Zone area and constructing a 5000-ton cement factory.
U Ngun San Aung from MICEG (Chin Chapter) then reported on the completion of the Rhi Ber bridge construction. The Vice President responded that the nation is currently importing cement to supply local demands that would be higher when the country’s development projects take speed. He said the location for this cement factory is situated between Chin State, Magway Region and Sagaing Region and thus will have such direct effects as reducing transportation costs for supplying cement to them, allowing development projects to be carried out inexpensively, and creating job opportunities.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio inspecting the development of Haka from its viewpoint on 16 August 2020. Photo: MNA

The Vice President said the 5000-tonnes cement production is only the first stage as the second stage will add in another 5000-tonnes production facility that will ultimately produce 10,000 tonnes of cement daily, effectively fulfilling local demand and even possibly exporting it for foreign income.
Next, a local resident named Daw Htaung Peing talked about the local development and regional needs to which Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Deputy Ministers Dr Ye Myint Swe and U Khin Maung Win and the local ministers offered explanations.
Next, the Vice President met with local village officials at Bhone Zone village hall where a local resident asked about acquiring a Form-7 to abolish plots of land from forest status in protected public forest, building a bridge over Zahaw creek, providing humanitarian assistance to Khami ethnic people displaced by the armed conflicts in Paletwa, upgrading roads between villages, and building a station hospital on the Haka-Gangaw Road. Chin State Chief Minister Salai Lian Luai, State Ministers U Paung Lun Min Htan and U Shwe Htee Ouh, and Director-General Dr Soe Oo responded to the queries.
The Vice President also responded to the queries and explanations. He said there must be emphasis on issuing Form-7 to local residents which is important for them to acquire loans but must comply with existing laws and regulations. He said while the Union Government wishes to fulfill all the regional development needs of its people, budget constraints leaves projects to be prioritized in order of necessity. He concluded by saying public participation is important for further overcoming all challenges.—MNA (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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