Vital investment for national development

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  • Many researchers accept that getting start-up capital for businesses and investment are of great importance for the economic development of a nation. Here, start-up capital means financing; however, other factors like buildings and infrastructure, and human capital are equally important. With a higher level of knowledge, intellect, skills, positive attitudes and innovative ideas of people living in the country, that country can become the one which possesses the advanced human resources. The national development of a country can be achieved by raising human resources to the highest level of caliber to exploit in the most effective way. Some countries with little natural resources did manage to become developed nations by developing human resources, as known by all.
    With the geographical features and possession of natural resources of our country, scholars regard our country to be a God-Favoured Nation. In most decades during some 70 years after gaining Independence our country lagged far behind other countries in development because our country itself lived isolated by not letting other countries bring technical knowhow and investment into the country and due to economic sanctions imposed by the United States. In the education sector, a kind of investment on the development of human resources, human resources development went down to a low level because of wrong policies and wrong education system, and insufficient budget in educational research.
    In the peace talks with local youths in Kayah State, the State Counsellor said, “Once in the past, Myanmar’s education system stood first not only in the South East Asia but also in Asia. In later years it declined. That was attributed to introduction of a low quality education system, hence the need to amend it. But amendment of the education system cannot be made overnight.”
    Now in our country, we are upgrading education systems in schools, universities and colleges. Simultaneously, efforts to make vocational education broader in scope are under way. As for those who cannot proceed to higher education level they can get vocational education for their survival in the future. No matter what type of learning we get in schools, universities or vocational training schools, the most important thing is to get the actual knowledge about what we have learnt, so that we can adapt ourselves to the working environment when we enter the respective jobs.
    In changing our education system and objectives, we can develop human resources by constantly assessing performances of our teaching staff, fulfilling necessities in teaching and learning, by reducing drop-out rates, and carrying out arrangements for students to have an easy access to vocational education. Thus we should all bear in mind that investing in human resources development is vital for national development.
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