Welcome the new policy of recruiting medical students


The governments in successive eras have established 15 medical-related universities which produce a large number of medical doctors, exceeding the required numbers at hospitals of the nation.
But, the majority of those medical doctors do not serve at the public hospitals but in private clinics and hospitals and other own businesses not related to medical professions.
Students who pass the basic education high school and matriculation examinations with high marks competitively join the medical-related universities to become medical doctors, dentists, medical technicians, physiotherapists, and others despite having no hobby to do so. Some students have firm ambitions to be good medical doctors to provide healthcare to the people and do medical research to improve the medical arena.
The medical students who are not interested in medical education will not be outstanding persons in the relevant arena. They will not benefit society with the professions they secured without keenness. As such, it is necessary to manage the plan to avoid such kind of double wrongs in medical education.
Actually, the positions taken by those who do not have firm ambitions for the medical arena will be the missed chances for other high potential students. The positions wrongly occupied by medical students will cause a loss not only for the potential students but also for the State.
As a new policy adopted by the government of the State Administration Council, those learning the medical-related universities such as Universities of Medicine, Universities of Dental Medicine and Universities of Nursing who pledged to serve the duty of the State will have the chance for learning medical education free of charge. Otherwise, those not wishing to serve the duty of the State will have to pay charges for learning.
As such, medical-related universities plan to recruit outstanding applicants to pursue relevant subjects on priority in the coming academic year. Only then will the right persons have the chance to secure the right positions. Consequently, talented students will emerge in their respective fields with the opportunities to show off their brilliant skills so that they can provide excellent health care services to the people.
It can be reviewed that the new policy of recruiting the candidates to the medical-related universities will be the best for the academic arena. The results from the new policy will be beneficial to the nation and those students themselves.

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