Yangon Region government announces rules, regulations on pandals

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Revelers enjoy the water festival with the fine weather on Akya Day in 2017.  Photo: MNA

The Yangon region government announced the rules and regulations to be followed by pandal constructors on 5 April.
Some 46 rules and regulations have been laid down for this year’s Myanmar Thingyan festival. Besides the rules that were in place last year, the authorities have added new points as well.
Those given permission to construct a Thingyan pandal are not allowed to change the name of the pandal and sell it to other parties. Those found violating the rule will be fined from their deposit of Ks3 million or Ks5 million, which depend on the size of the pandal.
The construction of the pandals must be completed three days prior to the Thingyan festival. The authorities have also banned construction of pandals with additional area. If the space limit is exceeded, the pandal owner will be fined Ks1 million for every one feet. If the owners refuse to pay the fine, the pandals will be shut down.
Those with pandal permits are also prohibited from axing trees. If trees are destroyed by the water player, owners will have to pay back three times the original value of tree.
This year, the authorities have added some points to prevent the outbreak of fire by insisting on keeping ready multipurpose dry powder type fire extinguishers.
Futher, pandal owners have to display their licences, photographs and phone numbers on a vinyl sheet in the pandal background, with non-compliance attracting Ks1 million in fine.
At all locations, inappropriate dressing, inappropriate music and congested rooms are strictly prohibited. Some of the regulations include not using pressure pipe and not writing or composing songs or speeches that are political or not related to Thingyan. If the pandal owners do not follow these rules and regulation, the authorities will shut down the pandal and blacklist it for the next two years.
Lastly, CCTVs must be installed at all pandals for security. Each pandal must be equipped with a first-aid kit for emergency treatment. The authorities have also limited the water-playing time from 8 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm.

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