Yangon Region Government vows to solve bus problems

By Zaw Gyi (Panita)

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Commuters check the bus routes on the second day of a new bus system at a bus stop in Yangon yesterday. Photo: Zaw Gyi (Panita)

The Yangon Region Government is conducting surveys on the difficulties for the public during the recent transportation system change in Yangon in order to solve them as soon as possible, according to U Phyo Min Thein, chief minister of the region.
He said that the government has conducted a study and found out that they did not have enough buses for all residents of Yangon, although all buses were running. He said that people stranded at Pansodan and Sule at rush hour cannot be allowed  to continue before promising new buses in February.
The chief minister took buses in downtown Yangon yesterday afternoon and talked to the media.
He said that the regional government was examining the causes that led people to change buses repeatedly, before adding that they can add more bus routes after consultation with authorities concerned.
He also said that the changes in the bus system are flexible and promised to satisfy the transportation needs of Yangonites.
The chief minister took a bus trip from Thakin Mya Park in Ahlone Township together with the public so that he could experience the effects of the bus system change first-hand.
The public encountered difficulties on Monday because there were an insufficient number of buses and because passengers did not know the new bus routes.
But a volunteer who was helping guide passengers said the situation improved yesterday as there were more buses running in Yangon.
Other private vehicles and those owned by businesses and philanthropic associations were also providing transportation the public free of charge during rush hours yesterday.
Operators of such volunteer vehicles said that they were determined to provide help to the public.
A passenger said that she felt relieved yesterday because she now knew her bus line and there were more buses, which alleviated much of the crowding that occurred on Monday.
Yangon Region Police also lent a helping hand to the public by providing free transportation services for passengers yesterday.
The chief minister said that the regional government had just started the change of the system and would upgrade the buses in February and March and further improve the system over the next three months. He promised he would try to make a change that all Yangonites could appreciate.

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