Yangon Region’s Hlinethaya, Shwepyitha townships placed under Martial Law

Global Fashion Garment Factory, Wai Kyal Garment Factory, Golden Dragon Fertilizer Plant and two other garment factories in Hlinethaya Township, Yangon Region, were set fire yesterday. Rioters created havoc on roads, and over 2,000 rioters also blocked the roads to prevent fire engines from leaving their stations and fighting the fire. The rioters also carried out similar activities with creating havoc on roads over the previous days.

Similarly, fire outbreaks occurred at the Myanmar Solo Moda Garment Factory, JCK Garment Factory and the Basic Education High School on the Bayintnaung Road in Ward-6 yesterday.

By placing havoc on roads, rioters managed to prevent the fire engines from fighting the fires. The rioters also carried out similar activities in the township yesterday.

Therefore, the State Administration Council, to effectively enforce security, the rule of law and community peace, placed the Hlinethaya Township and Shwepyitha Township of Yangon Region under the Martial Law. —MNA

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