Acknowledgement of People’s Contribution to the Peace Fund—Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong 3rd April 2017

1.    The Union Government has been exerting concerted efforts for the successful implementation of the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong, with the intention of solving political problems through political means through negotiations. In performing the tasks of the peace process, for smooth and successful implementation, needed funds were sought from within the country. A Bank Account SF-004048 for the Peace Fund was opened at the Myanma Economic Bank, Nay Pyi Taw branch on 9 January 2017 to enable national ethnic races and Union citizens who love peace to make donations as much as they could. Similarly, for those who wish to donate in cash to be able to contribute easily, a current account CF-003434 was opened at the Myanma Economic Bank, Nay Pyi Taw branch to accept donations in cash.
2.    To our great surprise and rejoicing, in expressing the desires for the long-hoped peace, the ethnic national races and Union citizens contributed their donations to the Peace Fund from the opening date of the Bank Account till 20th March 2017, amounting to Ks. 13947784775 (Ks. 13.948 billion) in total. It has been found that individuals across the nation contributed to the fund, as far as they could from their meager hard earned incomes—K 1000, K 5000, K 10000 etc. Just as there have been people who donated kyats in billions and money donated in small amounts as much as they could, we have been greatly pleased and overjoyed to know that the public has participated, supported and provided assistance to the peace process to such an extent that we have found it impossible to set a value on their deeds.
3.    This shows how much our people yearn for national reconciliation and peace, by looking at the donations of the people across the nation. This has strengthened our firm resolve and determination for the success of the peace process under implementation. We express our deepest thanks for the support and assistance of all Union citizens and hereby issue this statement that we will strive harder for the success of Peace Process in Myanmar.
National Reconciliation and Peace Center

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