Amending constitution sine qua non for complete democratic transition

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  • The ongoing efforts in our current transition to democracy are the most complex and challenging of all. The transition is towards a democratic goal, following a path laid down in accordance with the wishes of the people and maintained with their consent and cooperation.
    Our people wished for peace and security, for an end to unrest, for material and emotional security, and for a chance to contemplate on the future of their children in tranquility.
    In order to fulfil these wishes of the people, the ruling party has determined its goals of rule of law, peace, development, and amendments to the Constitution.
    Because,without peace, the transition to democracy cannot blossom and bear fruit.
    Amending the constitution was one of the main goals of the incumbent government even before they came into office.
    As the government anticipated, amending the 2008 Constitution step-by-step through negotiations will virtually guarantee completion of our democratic transition.
    The completion of our democratic transition must necessarily involve the completion of a truly democratic constitution. At the same time, only if we can build freedom, equality and mutual respect amongst the ethnic peoples can a democratic federal Union be established.
    State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has made the government’s commitment clear that the NLD government will bring about the changes to the constitution through negotiations, always keeping in mind that national reconciliation is one of the government’s greatest needs.
    To amend the constitution will result in a foundation on which a democratic federal union can be built
    The government is undertaking to establish a federal democratic Union for the benefit of all its citizens, however there are still many challenges to overcome to ensure our successful transition to democracy.
    With this in mind, the current government has made the peace process a top priority. With the peace process at the center, national reconciliation can be also achieved, and this, shall lead to democratic transition and the establishment of the Union.
    The main goal of the current peace process is to reach political agreements, to sign the Union Accord, and to implement steps for establishing a Union based on democracy and federalism.
    In doing so, common approaches will be agreed through the process of holding political dialogue.
    The role of military in the peace process is also very crucial. We need to overcome many challenges harmoniously during the peace process.
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