An Mountain Range eyes more travellers in open season

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The Rakhine State boasts the MraukU cultural area, a collection of cultural heritage to lure local and foreign visitors, and the natural beauties of the An Mountain Range of Rakhine Yoma (mountain range) are also attractive to travellers.
The Rakhine Yoma, with a chain of mountain ranges, is high in the north and low in the south, separating Rakhine State from other states like a great wall.
The highest mountain in Rakhine is Sun Hill which is 6,527 feet high. An Township is more famous than others for its natural beauty because of the abundance of forests and steep mountains there.
The people visit Ngapali and Sittway beaches to enjoy the moves and beauties of the oceans in Rakhine. The people also can enjoy the picturesque landscape of Yoma and An township by making short/long trips by car or motorcycle passing the Pyidaungsu Highway on the An Mountain Range of Rakhine Yoma. Tourism entrepreneurs invite travellers to pay visits there in the open season of November, and the image of Rakhine State, beauty of mountain range An city also lures the local/foreign travellers with its natural beauties. — Nyein Thu (MNA)/GNLM

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