ASEAN Youth Debate 2022 held online

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Team Myanmar compete in the ASEAN Youth Debate 2022 online.

Cambodia hosted the ASEAN Youth Debate 2022 and the First Elimination Round was organized online yesterday. Myanmar youths participated in the competition, and the director-general and officials of the Youth Affairs Department under the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs joined the event.
The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia held it for the first time under the topic of Addressing Challenges Together: ACT aiming to develop young people with research skills, in-depth thinking and public speaking, as well as raise awareness of ASEAN values and identities, among young people.
The Cambodian candidates competed under the title “This house believes that improving healthcare outcomes promotes higher labour productivity for women”, while the Viet Nam team “This house believes that the discrimination against women in workplaces is the major source of income inequality”, Indonesian team “This house believes that ASEAN can achieve a common educational quality standard and assurance”, and three teams of 19 Myanmar young representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement opposed their motions.
A total of 20 teams representing eight ASEAN countries participated in the First Elimination Round on 4 and 5 August.
After the first round, 10 teams were selected and Myanmar’s Team (2) will have to compete with the Indonesian Team in the second round.
The Second Elimination Round will be on 21 August and the quarter-finals will be on 4 September and the semi-finals on 18 September. The final round will be on 12 October and the award-giving ceremony will be on 13 October in Phnom Penh. — MNA

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