Assisting with compassion


Currently in Myanmar, there has been an increase in humanitarian aid, support, assistance and help between people. These are positive developments that should be welcomed.
Volunteer organizations, such as the Red Cross, firefighters, scouts, and funeral services, are beginning to offer aid to benefit the public and the nation. We must recognize these charitable acts, noting that the oldest among them is the Red Cross.
While it is mainly concerned with humanitarian aid, the Red Cross also indirectly assists in the nation’s development, which is why the Red Cross needs to adapt its processes, in line with the developing social welfare sector.
In addressing the 80th anniversary of the Red Cross, President U Win Myint noted that no organization is perfect or complete, and must continually develop itself. He said we need to have the courage to see that change is required, and to have the will to follow through.
Myanmar society must consider, as a whole, what needs to be preserved and what needs to be changed for the future and its development.
And not only the Red Cross, but every organization in the nation should evaluate what needs to be altered and what should be kept unchanged, in the interest of the country in these modern times.
Thus, all organizations, and especially those involved in the humanitarian sector, should endeavour even more to deliver selfless humanitarian aid to those in need; they should not discriminate between friends or foes.

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