Bayintnaung wholesale commodity depots to be reopened on 18 April

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The photo shows some commodity depots at the Bayintnaung Wholesale Market.

Trade activities at the Bayintnaung wholesale commodity depots will resume on 18 April.
The market was closed from 8 April. However, the wholesale market will see some trading activities depending on the demand from regions outside Yangon until 12 April before the Thingyan Festival days. Yet, the demand will drop for sure. Highway freight forwarders will stop running during the long Thingyan holidays. The market will be reopened in the post-Thingyan period (on 18 April). Bayintnaung market saw a supply of onions and potatoes at that time.
The long holidays affect banking services so the traders cannot make bank transfers. The warehouses of rice and edible oil will shut down the businesses.
The Bayintnaung wholesale market bustling with trade activities will be temporarily suspended from 13 to 17 April (four Thingyan Festival days and Myanmar New Year Day).
The commodities prices are usually inflated when the Thingyan holidays approach. This year, the prices of some commodities including rice and edible oil climbed. The authorities concerned made the imports of edible oil double for food security. Nonetheless, there is a high price difference of around K2,000 per viss between the market price and the wholesale reference price. – TWA/EM

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