Black, white sesame enter Mandalay market, get good price

Black sesame from Bhamo, Katha and Htigyaing townships and white sesame from Shwebo and Wetlet townships has started to enter the Mandalay market and is commanding a good price, according to Mandalay bean traders.

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Merchants evaluate quality of pulses at the Mandalay wholesale market. Photo: Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-Printing House)

Among the winter sesame, the quality of black sesame from Magway region is better than that of monsoon black sesame. Although the price of monsoon black sesame is K250,000 per bag in the local market, the price of winter black sesame entering the market is K258,000 per bag. The price of winter white sesame has also increased slightly this year compared to last year. The price of winter white sesame is K152,000 per bag this year in Mandalay market, said U Soe Win Myint, the owner of Soe Win Myint brokerage.
“Black sesame from Bhamo and Katha townships enters the Mandalay market every year in the winter season. Last year, the price of black sesame was K230,000 per bag. But this year, the price of black sesame is K258,000 per bag. The sale of other goods is a bit cool in the border areas. But, the sale of sesame is normal because there is demand from the Chinese market. Local farmers and merchants are expecting normal sales of corn and paddy, like black sesame, in 2020 even though there are challenges,” he added.
With local consumption low, black sesame is being cultivated for export. Chinese traders purchase black sesame to produce medicines and cosmetics. Moreover, Japan also purchases black sesame from Myanmar annually.
Black sesame is grown in Mandalay, Sagaing, and Magway regions as a monsoon crop, while it is grown in Kachin State as a winter crop. —Min Htet Aung (Sub-printing house)
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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