By-law needed to strictly control illegal wildlife trade

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Upon institution of a by-law for the protection of wildlife and conservation of natural areas, illegal wildlife trade can be strictly controlled, said U Thein Toe, director of Yangon Region Forest Department.
He mentioned that at a meeting with stakeholders concerned in order to receive suggestions for formulation of a by-law for protection of wildlife and conservation of natural areas.
“Crime and punishment under previous law is no longer relevant. New law seems to cover criminal liability and so, punishments will vary depending on cases for fully and partially protected wildlife animals. This move is hoped to be effective in cracking down on illegal wildlife trade in border areas”, said U Thein Toe.
Myanmar has become an illegal wildlife trading hub with an increasing demand of wildlife products. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports that there is a central big market for illegal wildlife trade in Golden Triangle area where China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand border areas meet. The Department of Forest is conducting awareness campaigns to stop shops selling wildlife animal souvenirs and cuisines at pagoda precincts, airports and markets.
In order to be adaptable with changing times, the Protection of Wildlife and Protected Areas Law 1994 was revised and enacted on 21 May 2018.

Min Thit (MNA)

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