Carelessness and drunk-driving claim invaluable lives

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Every individual loves his or her life, by nature. There is a saying that death cannot be stopped by anyone or anything. By judgment and precaution, however, we can protect ourselves from danger and sometimes from death.  As the Myanmar saying goes, “There are some forces guiding us—our lives and our belongings—destiny and fate on properties and precautionary deeds and judgment over our lives.” Outbreaks of epidemic, pandemic and endemic diseases are killing millions of people every year in the world, due to insufficiency of medicines, lack of skilled medical staff, and inaccessibility to reach disease-affected areas. Although we know that being equipped with these necessities will be able to solve our problems, still many patients and victims are subject to destiny and fate. These problems cannot be dealt with by individual efforts only, except for long-term collective efforts.
In Myanmar, according to “Real time traffic accident statistics,” there were 90502 persons killed in traffic accidents in 2016.  A total of 2229 persons were killed by road accidents in the first half of 2016, with 12018 injured in connection with 7348 cases of car accidents. A total of 387 persons were claimed in car accidents in May alone, with Yangon Region ranked as the highest place, followed by Bago Region. It is learnt that 4233 persons died in 15406 accidents with 25614 injured.
We—the bereaved, cannot imagine and dare not think about how much suffering victims experienced in such accidents. Yet, we are all well convinced that these accidents are attributed to failure of drivers to abide by traffic rules and for passers-by to follow road disciplines. In fact, passengers entrust their lives to the drivers once they get on board. Knowing this point, drivers should not neglect traffic rules, even for a moment. Every driver is always required to maintain their car so that there cannot be any mechanical faults found on the way. We use vehicles to reach our destination easily and conveniently, not for getting there as quickly as we can. Cars driven at deadly speed will lead us to our last days. Every driver needs to know not only about the car but also about the road and traffic rules. Pot-holes, turning points, curbstones and any hard solid substances dropped from one of the vehicles ahead can cause dangers for drivers driving behind. Likewise, jay-walkers and herding cattle on roads can cause dangerous traffic accidents.
Some people emphasize that driving while drunk is a notorious death sentence. A driver under the influence of alcohol, any kind of intoxicants or drugs can do stupid things. At that time, he is likely to lose many senses—awareness, depth of perception, stability, judgment and vision. If so, he, or rather passengers will be on the wrong side of fate. If car drivers are found to be drunk while driving after being tested with a “breathalyzer”, he should not be allowed to go and he needs to be arrested and prevented from driving for a period of time so that they will learn to abide by the law. At the same time, passengers need to be educated to inform the situation to authorities concerned if they happen to get into a car with a drunken driver at the wheel.
These days, the more we drive, the more dangerous it is for us.

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