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Chin State sees ecotourism development with new tourist destinations

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Pictures show the scenic views of a lake and mountains in Kanpetlet Township, Chin State. Photo: Ko Lain (IPRD)

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The ecotourism will be implemented in Kanpetlet Township, Mindat District of Chin State to promote the tourism industry, according to the state Destination Management Organization (DMO).
The DMO members inspected two new places which are locally called Twe Li (Lake) and Si Tone Lone (a stone on the verge of the hill). Twe Li means black water and Shi Tone Lone means a big rock in a cold place. They are located in Nat Ma Taung (or) Khaw-nu-soum National Park with full of Taung Zalat (rhododendron), the symbolic flower of the Chin State.
The DMO members also conducted a plastic campaign at the popular recreational areas and on the top of the Nat Ma Taung (or) Mount Victoria.
They conduct such campaign for the public to take rest peacefully at the clean environment and they will also explore new tourist site and make preparations amid COVID-19 to promote the eco-tourism industry, said the Secretary of DMO.
The Administrators of Kanpetlet, Nat Ma Taung (or) Khaw-nu-soum National Park, Staff of Hotels and Tourism, local tourist guides, business people and youths participated in the campaign. — Ko Lain (IPRD) (Translated by Khine Thazin Han)

IMG 20201202 113811 72
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