Chinese broccoli growers get good price this year

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Farmers are working at a farm in Kawlin Township, Sagaing Region. Photo: Myat Tun Min (Kawlin)

The Chinese broccoli (Chinese kale) growers from Kawlin and Wuntho townships are happy with its good price this year compared to that of the last year.
The Chinese kale is growing well on the small farmlands. The five villages in Kawlin Township and nine villages in Wuntho Township are planting the Chinese kale vegetables with the use of Kaung My creek water.
There are two Chinese kale varieties, one with white flowers and the other with yellow flowers. The white flower variety is popular and grows up to 19 inches’ height while the yellow flower plant only grows to about 8 inches’ height.
“We are growing kailan (Chinese kale) on 0.20 acres of farmland annually. The cultivation of this vegetable costs K25,000, including the expenses for seeds, fertilizer and pesticides. This time last year, the Chinese kale yielded highly and was sold for only K500 per bundle. This year, only a few people are growing this vegetable because of incessant rains. The Chinese kale is also sold for K1,000 per bundle. So, the growers are earning K15,000 daily. We have expected to earn K400,000 for growing of 0.20 acre of Chinese kale,” said U Sein Min, a Chinese kale grower from Oak Pho village.
“I buy a variety of crops and sell them back at the market. Last time this year, we found the yellow flower plant of Chinses kale in the Kawlin night market. This year, we could not even buy the yellow flower plant in the farmland because they have their own customers and are not likely to share with us.
We are also sending the yellow flower plant to Mandalay, Shwebo, Kanbalu, Thinchat, Mohnyin, Moegaung, Hopin and Indaw towns by train and also cars,” said Ma Kyine, a vegetable seller.
Although the local farmers from those villages are growing Chinese kale, each farmer grows only half an acre mostly. They are growing many vegetables and crops because if the price of one harvest is not reasonable, they can make a profit from growing another produce. —Myat Tun Min (Kawlin) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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