Chrysanthemum growers face financial hardship amid COVID-19 crisis

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A woman carries flowers for sale on a farm in Minbu Township, Magway Region. Photo : Zayyatu (Magway)

The slump in Chrysanthemum demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic brought down the market in Minbu Township, Magway Region. Additionally, the growers are facing financial hardship due to high input cost to stop whiteflies on Chrysanthemum during the harvest time.
“The Chrysanthemum market is commonly dependent on household consumption in flower offerings to Buddha. The whiteflies infestation caused damage to flower. The price is not good during the pandemic. The growers are not financially doing well with the business due to high input cost for insecticide,” said a grower Ko Zaw Min.
Yetwingon village-tract among the villages of Minbu Township is the primary producer of Chrysanthemum. Shwewahwin, Lucky, Shwesain and Ngushwewah (local Chrysanthemum varieties) are primarily grown. “The travel restriction poses another reason for market fallouts. The traders are experiencing difficulties to send to markets in other regions and states. The market sees a steep drop in demand,” a seller Mon Mon said.
Furthermore, Chrysanthemums are damaged by heavy rain in June this year, the growers said.—Zayyatu (Magway) (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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