Coffee origin tour starts in Ywangan

Workers dry coffee beans under the sun in Ywangan Photo Communicaffe International copy
Workers dry coffee beans under the sun in Ywangan.

COFFEE origin tours have begun in Ywangan, a popular coffee-production village in Taunggyi District, southern Shan State, by Genius coffee with the aim of promoting the country’s tourism sector and creating more job opportunities for residents.
This is part of a plan to boost international tourist arrivals to the country through agriculture-based tourism. The new plan targets coffee lovers at home and abroad, with the project implementers planning to extend agri-tourism services to other townships in the future.
Under the tour plan, visitors travel to the village to observe the manufacturing process and development of the country’s specialty coffee industry. They will gain a lot of knowledge about the cultivation of marketable coffee beans, ways to boost production and other agricultural-related information in the region.
The coffee grown in Ywangan village is the Costa Rican coffee bean variety that was introduced as a substitution crop for opium in 1985. The township boasts 6,600 acres of coffee plantations across over 120 villages, which has the capacity to produce over 700 tonnes of coffee beans annually.



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