Consumption of basic necessities should not be discouraged

Human beings, rich or poor, consume basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, education, healthcare, water, electric power and communication services all over the world.
It is evident that most people consume these fundamental goods and services for their daily survival rather than to profit from them.
For instance, while poor families enjoy their ordinary dinner at home, rich people may eat out at expensive restaurants where taxes are added to the price of food. Similarly, poor families use electricity to light their homes for their children’s studies but some rich people may use electricity to run factories for profit. There is nothing wrong with collecting taxes from rich people when they consume more than their basic needs and use goods and services to manufacture products for their own benefit.
In this regard, collecting taxes from the poor for their basic consumption of necessities is not the same as levying taxes on the rich. In addition, most basic human needs coincide with fundamental rights of human beings. Consumption to fulfill fundamental human needs should therefore be encouraged and not subject to commercial taxes.

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