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Dancing Girl Ginger plantation earns extra income for farmers

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Farmers living near Mone Creek in Pwintbyu Township of Magway Region use the water from Mone Creek and underground water in growing the Dancing Girl Ginger (Pandain Ngo Pan) on a manageable scale. A cluster of flower fetches K300, and the villagers can make their extra incomes, according to the farmers from Dedaye Village of Pwintbyu Township.
The plants are primarily grown in the subtropical region, and now they are planted in tropical areas as a trial. The plant enjoys moist and cannot grow well in wet areas. They can be grown on red-brown savanna soil, loamy sand and silt. There are also three types of Dancing Girl Ginger. They are also grown with three or four methods. The distance between each plant is 3 feet and about 5 feet on the sidewalk. The flowers bloom within one year and can be sold in the market.
“As we do not need to worry about water in Pwintbyu Township, we can grow various types of flowers like Kantkaw, Sabai, Rose, Gandhama, among others. We plant Dancing Girl Ginger mostly. It earns K300 per cluster and about K1,500 per bundle. We can get daily income from flower plantation. Therefore, I want other farmers to grow Dancing Girl Ginger,” said a farmer from Dedaye Village.
The water is well available in Pwintbyu Township. Farmers operate the farming industry the whole year round due to the temperate climate. They grow paddy, peanut, sesame, chickpea, sunflower, corn, sugarcane, chilli, onion, various vegetables and flowers. Locals can earn sufficient incomes as the crops are selling well. —Ye Win Naing (NyaungU)/GNLM

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