DHT-Bagan develops rocky lake, new tourist destination in NyaungU

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The ground of the pond is rock layers and the pond is 80 feet long and 80 feet wide with a depth of 30 feet.

Bagan Archaeological Zone, NyaungU Township in Mandalay Region, is seen with endless number of pagodas and religious buildings which attracts pilgrims all over the country. The Department of Hotels and Tourism, Bagan Branch (DHT-Bagan) has developed a lake that was edged with complete rocks on Thet Soe Mountain as a new tourist destination for travellers, history enthusiasts and those who want to experience the unique four-sided rocky lake on the mountain.

Location of Lake
The lake is situated in the south of Tuyintaung pagoda on Thet Soe Mountain which can be accessible by two routes, one from Tuyintaung pagoda and the other from Tuyintaung monastery road. The lake can be reached within 20 or 25 minutes from the Tuyintaung monastery where vehicles have to be parked.
Strategic site
Some historians refer to Thet Soe Mountain as the place where the ‘Thet’ people ruled and were the place where King Pyu Saw Htee defeated flying large squrrel. The summit of Thet Soe Mountain was considered to be an important military outpost for the kings of Bagan from which the marching of enemies to the capital of Bagan from all directions could be seen.
The view of the surrounding toddy palm plants, mountain ranges, the historic Mya Pond and the view of Turintaung pagoda with the Bagan-NyaungU background can be enjoyed from Thet Soe Mountain.

Appearance of rocky pond
The ground of the pond is rock layers and the pond is 80 feet long and 80 feet wide with a depth of 30 feet. As you descend into the pond, there is a quadruple QR CODE shaped symbol surrounding the rocky wall, and a statue of Brahminy, a serpent, dragon, and crocodile are engraved on the rocky wall of the pond. Once you enter the Rocky Pond, you will feel like you are back in the Stone Age. During the Bagan period, this pond was considered by experts as a place to store water and provide clean water.

Natural view
The hills around the lake are also home to the Migyoungkan Temple, U Paung Pagoda, Paw Taw Mu Pagoda and it is also a place where you can see ancient stone Buddha images that are slightly broken. It is learned that the sunset view of Turing Mountain, Thet Soe Mountain, toddy palm plants, Tantkyi Mountain and sunset beauty with Ayeyawady River, and the overview of Bagan-NyaungU Archaeological Zone can be seen from one place. —Ko Htain/GNLM

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