Didactic Teachers among those who deserve our infinite gratitude

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It is not an exaggeration in such a claim that teachers are of great importance for the future of our youths and our nation. Teachers play an important role not only in teaching but also in guiding their children to become well-behaved and ebullient ones. According to Myanmar tradition, teachers are placed on the same level as our parents who deserve our infinite gratitude.
Even careless negligence of gratitude towards our teachers should not be made on the assumption that they are only concerned with us in teaching. A teacher, in fact, is endowed with a teacher’s virtues, nurturing their pupils as if caring for a flower till the day it becomes full bloom or shaping a gem to become a precious and flawless gem. By dedicating their whole lives to teaching and the welfare of their pupils, teachers motivated by their deep-rooted desire to impart knowledge, are ready to give their time, energy and knowledge for their pupils. It is for this reason that the pupils need to reciprocate and pay due respects to their teacher in return.
Pupils rely upon their teachers. Therefore, teachers and pupils are required to abide by their respective duties to each other. As included in five duties of a teacher according to Myanmar traditional saying, a teacher performs the duties of giving academic teaching, guiding and reprimanding, if ever, sharing pupils with knowledge as far as one knows, preventing students from imminent dangers and referring pupils to their betters who can be more beneficial to pupils.
Pupils on the other hand should observe the duties of pupils. They are, listening to teachers and their teachings attentively, welcoming teachers with respect upon their arrival, helping teachers with their daily chores as needed, and learning what teachers teach by contemplating or committing lessons to memory, if needed.
These are social ethics which are auspicious, included in “Senga Lawvada Sutta” that we Myanmar people follow for generations. For saying so, essentially we need to assess as to whether teachers and pupils are still performing their respective duties at the present time. With the developed and modernized world, these duties must be said to have weakened more and more.
In reality, it is difficult to eke out one’s living by following the teaching profession. They have to teach children day in and day out, prepare for lessons to be ready for teaching in class-rooms and try their best to become ideal lecturers who will comply with teachers’ ethics. Therefore, it is important for students to perform their five duties towards their teachers while it is the duty of teachers to perform their five duties towards their pupils in return. This is in accordance with Burmese Buddhist tradition.
Accordingly, we hereby urge our students to respectfully and attentively acquire the academic teachings from our pure-minded teachers by paying due respects to them.

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