Dilly-dallying, Ad-libs, Argy-bargy, Helter-skelter move and Hanky-panky; the human behaviors and practices


[dropcap font=”0″]W[/dropcap]e humansare engaged in daily activities from dawn to dusk. According to our professions or tasks or jobs or business, we have to work together with the people who are in the same organizations or entity or pool or association. When we do or carry out the specific task, we normally want to accomplish the task or goal as fast as possible. We ever encounter with some inconvenience and obstacles in our endeavor. Sometimes, we might diverge our aims and goals unintentionally due to our wrong decision or wrong practice or wrong behavior. We usually tackle the challenges or difficulties on the way to our goals.We commonly hold the opinions of our colleagues to do a certain job. Occasionally, we come across with disagreement or argument among ourselves which hinder or delay our progress or speed on our path to success. For some job, we hurriedly carry out, but the bad result arises. Therefore our effort is in vain. This situation should be considered as a great lesson for us. Some of the human’s behaviors are socially and morally unacceptable. As we all know that we human beings are reluctant to admit our fault or wrong doings in any circumstances. Our common behaviors and practice should be in equilibrium so that we can avoid any upsetting situation or outcome. As the maxim goes,’ Human being is not perfect in doing things in life.’ However, we humans must behave ourselves whenever we talk or do or plan in human endeavor so that we cannot fail our attempt to achieve success.
Dilly-dallying is a sort of human behavior or action which takes too long to do something or go somewhere or make a decision. If someone or some people dilly-dally, it will take a long time for doing things which are not supposed to be done for a long time. In other words, this is an act of spending too much time for doing something unnecessarily.This is actually a bad practice of some persons or people indeed. It is a waste of time. This behavior also shows the spending time which is more than the timeline for carrying out some work or task or job.So, instead of dilly-dallying, we must do the job in the timeline. Otherwise, we cannot reach our aims and goals. For example;if astudent who dilly-dallies on his way from home to school, he or she would surely be late for the class. For some cases, we ought to do the certain jobs urgently, but we dilly-dally in doing these jobs. As a result, we cannot achieve success or reach our set target or win the race. On the other hand, the behavior of dilly-dallying causes loss of time, and manpower. In addition, a person who is in the important role of decision making must be able to decide to start doing some business in time line. If he or she dilly-dallies, he or she would miss the opportunity forupgrading his or her business. To sum up, the behavior and practice of dilly-dallying cause losses , delay and even failure in any human endeavor. It is considered a stupid behavior indeed.
Ad-libis a kind of behavior or practice done by some people when they talk and perform their jobs. Some people usually ad-lib the whole speech. This means that he or she never uses the prepared text for delivering the impromptu speech. It seems that they possess some talent to act this act. Ad-lib does not affect others and it does not create negative impact. The act of ad-lib shows the awesome talent and praiseworthy ability indeed. Ad-lib is considered a good behavior indeed.
Argy-bargycan be heard when we disagree each other on a particular topic or subject. Argy-bargies are especially practiced in debate or group discussion or in some democracy parliament. Normally, parliamentarians discuss noisily in some parliament in some democracy countries.If they disagree on some issue, they argue or talk  noisily. This act leads and ends no solutions to the problem or specific matter. In fact, this behavior occurs when we face a controversial situation. A verbal argument known as argy-bargy is commonly heard in any societyfor a certain matter. Argy-bargy can cause either improvement or long term dispute for a certain matter or issue of the individuals or groups or societies. Even when we look into the school, we find some argy-bargies among school students on the discussion related to history the subject taught in school. For instance, the secondary students discuss and argue about the evidence of the civil engineering standard in building Pyramids in ancient Egypt. People from all social strata are accustomed to argy-bargy and occasionally they do act argy-bargy in their daily life. E.g, In the daily bazaar, saloon-bar, and beerpub etc. Basically, this noisy argument is based on disagreement or disapproval between the two people or among the certain group of people. This behavior results positive impact or negative impact on persons or people concerned. This behavior does not seem too bad.
Helter-skelter behavior does not have any discipline or organized way. Man’s behavior depends on his character and emotion. If a person acts in helter-skelter way, he or she must be undisciplined or disorganized. Otherwise,there may have been a panic and a person or the people do or run helter-skelter. The person or the people must have encountered panicking or frightening situation. On the otherhand, this behavior reacts the awful or freaking situation and disarranges the normal position or normal behavior. Therefore it is hard to justify the person’s real behavior. However, if the person is always in such mood whatever he or she does, he or she must be a kind of person who is disorganized or undisciplined. He or she upsets his or her associates and society. Anyway, we can learn different human behaviors from our daily life.
Hanky-panky depicts the dishonest behavior which is socially unacceptable. Sometimes, it can be considered a humorous behavior.Telling lies or bluffing or behaving circuitously is hanky-panky. Some people do not behave or say honestly but they behave or say evasively. Therefore, they are untrustworthy persons and they do not attain good reputation in life. Nobody wants to associate or do business with such persons. Their evasive behaviors make other people frustrated and confused on any circumstances. They do not value the model of rectitude as they are being dishonest and crooked. The unacceptable sexual activities are also considered hanky-panky.eg. There were all sorts of hanky-panky going on at the party. To summarize thisbehavior, we humans are totally not pleased with it and it is even vulnerable to our society.
The considerate and sensible persons wish to see or deal with the persons who are of well-behaved or honest so that a certain society will achieve prosperity and socio-economic development.Even if we practice or behave such bad or stupid behaviors, we should stop doing bad practice. However, good and socially accepted behaviors must be always maintained or preserved for harmonious social dealing among us.
Wishing all humans are capable of analyzing human behaviors for everlasting peace on this planet  !!!!!!

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