Each coin has two faces

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[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]hese days, there are few communities existing in isolation from global changes and modern, mainstream life. Within a single community, it is impossible for an individual to exist in total isolation. Their actions will always impact others, whether directly or indirectly.
The interrelated people in a community feel the effects from other actions of others. As with the heat emitted from a fire or the cool temperature of ice, it is impossible to completely ignore these effects.
When one face of a coin is disfigured, it affects the value of the entire coin, even if the opposite face remains undamaged. When one man uses a position of power to insult or attacks another, he may be criticised for his abusive actions.
Therefore every action should be carried out wisely. Think twice before doing anything rash. For example, accidents may occur when road users or drivers show reckless disregard for their own safety.
People sometimes act impulsively, with negative results. Trying to solve a problem overnight may make things worse. Urgency, lack of premeditation and lack of perseverance signify a lack of self-control.
The faces of a coin may be opposites, but they are both part of the same whole. If the damage to one side is bad enough, it will render the entire coin unusable.

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