Essential foodstuffs sold at fair prices in Mocha-hit Sittway

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Residents are seen buying foodstuffs at reasonable prices in Sittway yesterday.

Members of the local battalions under the Western Command and officials are selling essential foodstuffs at lower prices for the convenience of residents and departmental staff affected by Cyclone Mocha in Sittway, and to enable them to buy foodstuffs at fair prices.
Foodstuffs including rice, edible oil, salt, meat, fish, egg, dairy products, vegetables, onions, garlic, and products of Tatmadaw including instant noodles, biscuits, and canned food were sold at lower prices than the ordinary market at U Ottama Park, Sittway Township.
The local people and the families of the departmental staff enjoyed buying foodstuffs and are very grateful to officials for selling them at low prices during difficult times. — MNA /KZL

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