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Expose, arrest illegal traders, seize illegally imported goods

Levying taxes for the State is a vital role in the development of the State. Practically, a large sum of taxes which should inflow into the State fund is lost in various ways and means due to corruption, bribery and illegal trade committed by unscrupulous traders and businesspersons.
Officials concerned and relevant departments need to inform the people about losses in illegal trade on a wider scale through the media sector while making efforts for levying taxes for the State as a national duty.
In preventing illegal trade activities, staff members assigned duties need to take action against the offenders and seize the illegally imported goods beyond the import declarations. In this regard, relevant task forces and departments must stay away from illegal trade activities and corruption. Moreover, staff members assigned at the checkpoints must be checked surprisingly and severe action must be taken against those staff who participated in the illegal trade moves.
Importantly, officials should not waste time during the period from the seizures to the auction in carrying out the measures for seized goods. If the working procedures delay seized goods, the special task forces will lose the trust of the people despite implementing good missions and visions.
The duty assigned staff need to expose and seize narcotic drugs, arms and ammunition and explosives carried by vehicles without customs duty at the checkpoints. In doing so, they have to take care of security for those staff.
If undutiful staff are assigned at the checkpoints due to briberies despite the fact that the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee adopted the best policy for the prevention of illegal trade, the commodities without paid tax and quality guarantee will flow into the country in a short time.
Special task forces and OSS members need to effectively seize the illegally imported goods. On the other hand, they have to pave the right way for traders and businesspersons to correctly operate the trading process as much as possible. While arresting the persons who operate their trading in the wrong way, officials should help traders and businesspersons reach the correct way of doing business and trading.
Myanmar is marching towards the status of economic development of the nation not only for the State economy but for booming the private economic sector. As such, the government and the business persons are really responsible for doing business in a correct way without committing malpractices and breaking the laws for the interests of the State and the people.

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