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Fight against violence inside and outside the home

Everybody is responsible for the prevention of violence which targets women and children in a vulnerable group of people. Sometimes, even men may fall under violence. It is because there are various forms of violence against them.
Those who fall under the violence face losses in health, education, social and other measures. In fact, violence poses shock and trembling to the victims to face mental and physical problems. As such, governments in successive eras enacted laws, rules and regulations to fight against the violators.
The types of violence that the violators mostly commit are physical violence, emotional or psychological violence, sexual violence, economic violence and harmful traditional practice. As violators may commit brutal or bullying or harmful violence, victims suffer from disadvantages of physical and mental losses. They may suffer from wounds in their bodies, disabilities, depression, frightening, mental humiliation, loss of opportunities and unexpected illnesses triggered by dangerous infectious diseases based on sex abuse, disunity of families and other criminal cases.
As such, the people need to cooperate with the government in taking preventive measures against violence in various forms. Both men and women should join such activities for protecting their rights to be able to avoid violence against each other. They have to raise the gender equality measures because most of the violence cases are based on gender discrimination. Generally, men accept the concept that they have greater than women in all measures; so they must have to do anything by gaining the upper hand.
Moreover, the people, particularly women need to know the laws related to the prevention of violence as well as laws on trafficking in persons so as to take advantage of these laws to fight against the violence which happens in and out of the home. Only when victims of violence including women and children know the definitions and essence of the laws can they take the legal coverage for their lives to be escaped from the violence.
Hence, everybody should hold up the concept that they all are responsible for the prevention of violence and violators. On the other hand, they have to abide by the enacted laws related to the prevention of violence while arranging the preventive measures for women against violence.
To have a wider knowledge about violence, they have to implement conducting health, education and social enhancement activities on how to avoid the danger of violence and how to manage violence incidents, and emphasize counselling, school-based care and rehabilitation for the violence victims with the aid for their needs.

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