Five more who complete training on using weapons seized in Maungtaw Township

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It is learnt that five more villagers who completed the training on using military weapons were seized in the villages of Darpai Sayar, Maungyitaung and Gordu Thara (East).
Upon receipt of the news that trainer Mawlawi Adu Rawzaw gave a training course to 15 trainees including Mardular for nearly one month in the yard of Sunarli residing in Darpai Sayar starting from July first week of 2016, security forces examined the villagers by checking with the family list of households in the village in the morning of January 5. Sunarli avoided, failing to be examined by the authorities.
So, security forces searched Sunarli’s house at 8 am yesterday, arresting him at his house. Similarly, security forces blocked the village of Maungyitaung at 6 am on January 6 to search the suspects, and Marmauk Noman was seized at his house, with Ismai, Marmauk Husan and Mamad Karsein arrested in Gordu Thara village at 7 am.
It is learnt that arrangements are being made to take legal action against them in accord with the law.

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