Following quality control guidelines is serving the people with safe buildings

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With developer companies and projects being awarded Certificates of Appreciation for their High-Rise Projects yesterday, we hope that Myanmar, in the future, would see more buildings being built, based upon international safety standards.
When it comes to construction of high rise and large building projects with occupancy of over 500, the construction must follow the guidelines and Code of Practice of the supervisory committee for high rise buildings and projects, known as HPBC.
To provide the people with high quality and safe facilities, all stakeholders of the construction sector, which is underpinning the country’s economic sector, are obliged to carry out their responsibilities and tasks, in accordance with ethical guidelines.
At the same time, the HPBC is also required to upgrade its modern inspection system and make necessary preparations for providing inspection services to high rise and construction projects.
Since its formation last year with 33 members, after restructuring the Committee for Quality Control of High-Rise Building Projects-CQHP formed in 2003, HPBC has stepped up its efforts with new reforms in the construction sector.
Within four to five months after its formation, the HPBC carried out assessment tasks and relaxed some procedures, working closely with developer companies and the Yangon City Development Committee, and upgraded the capacity of its staff.
These efforts, in four to five months, could deliver fruitful results in improved management, and aims at enforcing rules to ensure construction is in line with urban planning standards. To avoid dangerous or problematic situations, buildings must follow their original proposed designs. Failure to follow updated urban planning standards could cause harm to the city and its residents, as well. We understand that developers were hurt, to some extent, by the review. Every step taken by the committee was very careful and serious, since losses for developers are the country’s losses. For developers are also our nationals.
However, no man is above the law. Guidelines for Quality control of the High-Rise Building Projects must be observed by all developers, project supervisors and engineers.

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