Ice apples selling well this season

ice apple
A woman peeling the ice apples for sale. Photo: Myo Win Tun

Sales of ice apples in the market have been good this season, and so, local farmers have become more interested in growing them, said local jaggery entrepreneurs.
“Now, we are seeing local farmers becoming interested in palm cultivation because palm fruits are highly demanded in the villages. We are purchasing palm apples for K20 per fruit. Each palm has three palm fruits.
So, farmers get K60. We are purchasing around 10,000 palm fruits every day. At present, we have bought ice apples from four villages of Ayadaw Township. Next year, we target 30 villages as our purchase market,” said Zaw Min Htut, a local jaggery entrepreneur.
Ice apples are purchased from villages of Ayadaw Township, and then iced and sent to Myingyan Town.
“We send the ice in the morning to the villages, which sell the ice apples. Then, they send back the iced palm fruits between 12 noon and 4 p.m. Once we get the ice apples, we send them to the Myingyan factory. We haven’t asked yet what they are doing with the ice apples on the next day. We have already sent around 10,000 palm fruits in four batches. This year, the business of palm fruits is booming,” he added.
“Local palm farmers are quite happy this year. But, the number of palm farmers has declined. There are many palm trees in Ayadaw and Budalin,” said U San Myint, a jaggery trader.—Myo Win Tun (Monywa)
(Translated by Hay Mar)

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