Ignorance and indifference is fatal for the planet


People come and go but the universe goes on forever. Human are merely short-term visitors and we have a responsibility to protect the planet for future generations and other species.
Specialists have identified four types of sustainability: human, social, economic and environmental. Human sustainability applies to people from all walks of life and irrespective of geography, whereas social scientists are responsible for social sustainability, economists for economic sustainability and environmentalists for environmental sustainability.
Human sustainability is often defined as human capital, which in fact relates to a particular aptitude possessed by individuals. We need to launch concrete initiatives to tackle climate change and use our capability to transform our surroundings for the better. We have all witnessed the extent of man-made damage to the ecological balance of the biosphere, whose effects have resulted in destruction and depletion of irreplaceable resources.
It should be noted that our ignorance and indifference will bring about colossal harm to planet earth. It is therefore safe to assume that the enhancement of the environmental quality for all life form must be our imperative goal and that there must be no delay.
Communities across the world must develop a sense of responsibility to safeguard and protect the world’s natural resources in such a way as to avert the deleterious effects of environmental degradation. After all, it takes a lifelong commitment to create a sustainable environment.

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