Improve the morals and attitudes of a new generation of youths

New generation youths are a reserved force of the nation, a powerful strength of the country and a resource of the motherland. It is necessary to enhance the role, morals and correct attitudes of youths in order to develop the country. The future of the country depends on today’s new generation of youths.
As new generation youths are reliable human resources of the country, they have to shoulder the State responsibilities taken over from the incumbents not to interrupt the generations. If so, State responsibilities can be served from generation to generation. As such, new generation youths have to uplift their capacities to be ready to overcome possible challenges when they serve the State duties.
Currently, the government arranges libraries of the Department of Information and Public Relations at different levels to be friendly to the people pursuing education and general knowledge through reading. Moreover, community centres of the department are being shaped for the people to collect information for public awareness.
Not only different levels of IPRD but local authorities and relevant departments perform public awareness campaigns such as reading tables for discussions, holding literary talks, organizing competitions and shows, conducting training courses and seminars and staging wall magazines for sharing knowledge with all walks of life, especially with new generation youths.
These arrangements aim to create good opportunities for the youths and initiate the capacity enhancement for the youths to overcome challenges to make their dreams true. Only when they try hard in joining all campaigns with might and main at a young age will they have the invaluable capacity and experiences to be applied in their future lives.
Global countries are nurturing the new generation of youths to have well-versed educated persons with social capital and intellectual capital to possess the capabilities to shape a developed and prosperous society in the future. A brighter future waits for a capable new generation of youths.
In Myanmar, the government is nurturing the youths to be able to participate in all sectors of the nation. Especially, the brighter future is being shaped for a new generation of youths to take a position in nation-building endeavours. Understanding the goodwill of the State, the youths actively participate in political, economic, social and other various arenas of the nation.
Today’s youths will become adults in the future. They will be the persons to continue serving the nation-building tasks. As such, it is necessary to improve the capacities, morals and attitudes of the youths to be qualified in leading the country.

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