Inadequacy, Redundancy and Red Tape System are major hindrances to success

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • At this time when our country is marching towards a federal democratic Union, the Union government is tying its best to develop the country’s economic sectors, knowing full well that it will never reach the destination without peace, stability and economic strength. In developing the country’s economy, we need foreign direct investments and technical know-how. The government has been inviting foreign investors to invest in the country. Our country has considerable amounts of resources — rich farmlands, human resources, minerals and agricultural and forestry products. Our country’s local entrepreneurs as well want to take part in nation building and they are eager to get techniques and monetary assistance from the Union government. Undeniably, our local businessmen have lagged much behind those from foreign nations, in capital, techniques and management experiences. Accordingly, the Union government is making arrangements for our local entrepreneurs, especially for small and medium sized enterprises to successfully and smoothly operate their businesses, in the interest of the people and the country.
    Now, some foreign investors are trying to enter the country in the form of big enterprises or joint venture companies, with our local entrepreneurs starting to launch their businesses. It is obvious that these foreign enterprises and local private businesses will work hard to gain success, in every way, including manufacturing products in accord with export quality, targeted amounts of quantity and in limited time schedule, management of work force and their affairs, creating expansion of markets, and so on. Here, I would like to emphasize the role of physical and mental workers in government sectors—departments, corporations, factories, offices and many other work places. In fact, all these government employees play an important role in the administrative and operational functions of the government. Though governments change, they will continue their regular routines. At this time when we are building up a new nation, we need more and more technicians and intellectuals. Due to current budget constraints, important government employees, for example, teachers, medical doctors and health staff cannot be employed especially in rural areas, knowing very well that these posts are urgently needed. So, inadequacy can be said to be a hindrance to success. Once in the past, there had been a redundancy of government employees in departments and corporations. Have we ever heard that the BSPP government (BSPP – Burma Socialist Programme Party) sacked those personnel, by giving them compensation or gratuity. By doing so, we would have been able to employ more teachers and medical staff. I am writing this just from the point of view of a layman, absolutely not for making ad hominem attack. An action is required to be done if it will benefit the many though it may harm a few. Launching YBS and clearing undisciplined vendors away from crowded places may have harmed a few, but we can say that most people, apart from those who do not go straight to their destinations, found it convenient to travel. In short, failure to solve the redundancy problem is also a hindrance to success.
    What we mostly complain concerns the “red tape system.” “Red tape,” means official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly. The term is said to have come from the custom of tying up official documents with red or pink tape. Some bureaucrats in the past used the red tape system for their personal interest, with an intention of delaying cases. That bureaucratic red tape system can still be found in many places, even to this day. Today, delays in certain public works may be attributed to lack of proficiency in their jobs or intentional abuse of authority. Provided that every individual works by taking responsibility and accountability with team spirits, our work will surely succeed. So, let us deal with the problems of inadequacy, redundancy and red tape system!
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