An Independence message to remember

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  • “One-man-heroic-efforts cannot bring about the Jewel of Independence. For all of us to enjoy human rights including the right to own property, it is the national cause for all of us to take part in the revolution for the Independence.” That is the real essence of the Independence Declaration to be delivered to the public at the mass meeting, which was written by Bogyoke Aung San at the meeting held on 1st March 1945 at his residence.
    Before Myanmar gained Independence, all the people were suffering from lack of opportunities and the freedom to fashion their own destinies. At this time, Bogyoke Aung San urged the people to fight for their own rights. In doing so, a war was unavoidably to be launched. He told them to work relentlessly to get peace as soon as possible so that people could be liberated from all scourges of war forever.
    In his own practical, simple way, Bogyoke Aung San worked hard for the sake of the country and the people. He devoted himself day and night to achieve Independence, peace and stability in the country and for the guarantee of human rights for all citizens. On account of the selfless efforts of patriots led by Bogyoke Aung San and national leaders, Myanmar won her Independence on Sunday, 4th January 1948.
    Nearly all of us were born just after gaining Independence, coming into the world by taking shelter under the protection of the National Flag of the Union of Myanmar. We and our descendants are blessed to have brave and wise national leaders and patriotic forefathers for without their selfless struggle and dauntless courage, we would not be enjoying the fruits of Independence.
    Our ancestors who had risked their lives for Independence are now no more. While living under harsh and difficult conditions all through their lives, our forefathers were able to bring forth a free and independent Union of Myanmar for the benefit of younger generations where they could live in peace and work for the fulfilment of their dreams.
    On their part, our ancestors had to work very hard against all odds and dangers.
    “A good beginning begets a good ending,” as the Myanmar saying goes. We will always remember the gratitude of our ancestors while enjoying benefits of freedom and independence. As said by our national leader Bogyoke Aung San, one-man-heroic-efforts cannot bring about the Jewel of Independence. For equality among all races and peace and tranquility across the country, we must all strive to build up nationwide peace.
    We are now a sovereign and independent nation, living under our own national flag and having a government of the people, parliaments and our own Tatmadaw. What we need to do now is to build up a united country to be able to stand tall in the midst of all nations. That is, all citizens of our country need to be united and must learn how to live in peace and harmony with each other regardless of race or religion.
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