Is it an unsafe WORLD?

By Tommy Pauk

UnW e are aware that our world seems unsafe for us to live and travel around, due to uncompassionate acts, terrorism, reckless shootings, armed and racial conflicts, communal violence, transnational crimes, etc. In fact, these acts are caused by negative human minds, animosity, poverty and injustice. No matter whether it’s a rich country or a poor country, people around the world frequently encounter such miserable and horrified incidents. Even though resolute actions are being taken against those perpetrators or criminals, miserable incidents keep occurring in the world. Each and every country has its laws, law enforcement, army and security guards to prevent and protect its citizens, visitors, legal immigrants, international tourists and diplomats as well.
A question that can be raised is whether or not people or citizens are well protected in a certain country. No country can prevent from sudden attacks on innocent people or destruction of private or public properties made by unidentified suicide bombers or terrorists. Therefore, almost all over the world, people are very cautious about acts of terror wherever they travel, at home and abroad. Extreme religious believers as well as extreme practitioners of ideologies are the ones who disrupt world peace and tranquility.
Indeed, lack of compassion and justice can lead to these evil consequences in human societies. The anger and animosity are the consequences of injustice. In order to eradicate such miserable situations in the world, we humans ought not to bully, discriminate or dominate each other.
If we really want our world to be safer, we must all spread compassion among nations, regardless of diverse races, religions, culture or political ideologies. Furthermore, we are obliged to respect different cultural values and religions, so that there will be no misunderstanding or conflict among different societies. According to Lord Buddha’s teaching, if we radiate or show compassion towards all fellow human beings, we can all be safe enough to live, to stay or to travel in the world. This is the very basic practice for humanity. However, nowadays, it seems like this practice is being ignored by humans, due to the domination of pride, narcissism, extreme ego and delusion. Instead, the practice of tit-for-tat is prevalent among humans in the world. As a result, conflicts, violence, civil wars, massacres and acts of terror occur sporadically in various parts of the world.
Despite the existence of the United Nations, some member countries or non-member countries do not comply with the UN charter, the main purpose of which is to maintain peace and security in the world and to prevent a global war. Bomb blast, riots, bloodshed, killings and suicide attacks are heard from all forms of media every day. People around the world feel insecure about the unsafe situations in different countries, regardless of being rich or poor. People desire perfect happiness, security and safety the most in any place in the world. Some big nations which manufacture weapons neglect world peace and security because illegal armed groups buy weapons from them secretly. In addition to this, weapon-manufacturing nations support rebels with firearms from some other countries. Due to these malpractices or instigations in the internal affairs of small countries, civil wars as well as armed conflicts are still going on. Therefore, those who live around conflict zones feel insecure about their lives and their livelihoods. Tourists and domestic travelers do not have access to conflict zones as security cannot be guaranteed by authorities concerned.
The worst situation happening around the world is the unexpected brutal attacks by extreme terrorists at public or targeted areas. Many innocent people around the world have been slaughtered by extreme terrorists. Normally, it is hard to punish them for their crimes, because terrorists are usually suicide bombers or suicide attackers. Due to extreme religious or political indoctrination, terrorists recklessly kill innocent people and kill themselves for the sake of the wrong beliefs.
Religious leaders are the most responsible and accountable for keeping peace among humans and to prevent any conflicts or acts of terror related to certain religious beliefs. Since all religious teachings are based on compassion and humanity, believers or followers of these faiths must obey and comply with them.
There may be different political ideologies in the world, but we ought to exercise them in peaceful ways so as not to disrupt other societies or create violence. Actually, all political issues can be solved through discussions and not by gun-fighting.
All of us have to participate in finding solutions to various problems which threaten global peace and human safety. We should know that these issues arise not only in poor countries but also in rich countries. At present, the world is unsafe, not because of natural disasters but because of man-made disasters. If we want to maintain happiness, we are obliged to maintain peace with compassion in every human society around the world.

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