KBZ keeps opening 92 branches despite suspending 51 in YGN region

KBZ will suspend its 51 branches’ banking service starting from 29 September 2020, stated a KBZ bank announcement.
These 51 banks in Yangon region will temporarily stop their operation for providing banking service due to highly rising coronavirus transmission.
Although 51 banks will be stopped, the remaining 92 KBZ branches will be operating their banking service as usual in Yangon region. The remaining banks will run from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm as regular banking hours for the convenience of the daily banking processes for customers.
These 92 operating branches are located near the temporarily suspended banks. The KBZ banks give the first priority to the healthcare services of the banking staff, partners and customers. Therefore, the staff from KBZ banks are assigned alternately so that the customers can get their banking services safely. The KBZ banks from other states and regions are operating their services as usual.
The banks urge the customers to use other banking services such as ATM, KBZPay mobile wallet, KBZ iBanking and mBanking to be able to avoid interacting with one another.
The location of the suspended banks and that of the operating KBZ bank branches can be checked in the following website: https://www.kbzbank.com/en/ways-to-bank/branch/. — GNLM (Translated by Hay Mar)

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