Kokang Democracy and Unity Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony

Koe Kant copy
U Yan Kyin Kan

Greetings and well wishes for health and prosperity to Union-level officials, officials concerned from international organizations, party leaders and guests.
I am Yan Kyin Kan, Pyithu Hluttaw Representaive from Kunlong constituency.
I am thankful to all responsible persons who have allowed me to read the paper, on behalf of the Kokang Democracy and Unity Party, on the occasion of 2018 International Day of Democracy.
Esteemed personalities who cherish democracy,
The changes in the political history of our country, similar to continuous changing of human political histories in various countries of the world, is due to those who wanted changes, and it has now reached a stage of multi-party democracy system for the benefit of ethnic races and people across the country.
Therefore, we are marching towards a political journey structured with the three powers — legislature, administrative and judiciary — checking and balancing each other.
But if one of the powers cannot make counter check and balance of the others, we would not be able to walk towards our goal of democracy, aspired by all people.
Even an individual who does not reflect on oneself with reasoning power, human values and conducts may be consequently ruined. Similarly, powers given to implement tasks for the benefit of the majority, if not checked and balanced, could lead to extremisms and result in missing out the main objective.
Therefore, in a country like Myanmar, which is still at the tender stage of democracy, check and balance is important, and we should emphasize and give it a top priority.
Generally, it is inevitable that we will encounter conflicts between two social groups — those desiring to walk on the path of a new system and those who still resist in making changes by holding on to the old system.
In order to eliminate old ideas and conducts, once and for all, all are responsible to change the undesirable ways that are not suitable with the present times.
This could only be done, beginning from individuals and ending with the whole society changing for the better.
In this period of transformation, we should not hold on to unnecessary old beliefs and ideology and cautiously get rid of them to be in line with the journey that we all have embarked on, thereby ending up with positive results.
There are many challenges ahead of us and we should work together to overcome these barriers so that we can march together towards our goal of democracy. If we keep holding selfishly to the past, it would end up with unwanted results for the majority.
All people should realize the present situation that is leading towards equal rights for everyone, by taking lessons from the past systems with bitter experiences, and walking in determination towards the goal.
I would like to conclude my paper by urging all of you to work together, with positive motives and actions towards a common goal, in order to attain a prosperous and democratic nation.
Thank you.

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