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No Tears SheddingNo Tears SheddingI am a man, not susceptible to easy tears. Nevertheless, I am forced to shed tears. Things have saddened me….
Union Minister Dr Win Myat AyeThat is the photo highlighting Dr Win Myat Aye consoling the Hindu families in Rakhine State. It was posted in the front page of State-owned newspapers and that photo is manifesting the humanity. I felt dejected, embittered and deeply saddened. Tears started rolling out, I can’t control. Did things happen to that extent.? Do you think it’s more than reality or fake exaggeration? Judge it without bias.
Probe the area for real ground situation Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, Dr Win Myat Aye and Chief Minister of Rakhine State Government, U Nyi Pu and other responsible persons left Sittway for Yebawkya village by helicopters for inspection.
People of Hinduism faith28 dead bodies of Hindu people and additionally found another 17 corpses were inspected and they consoled the remaining family members. They managed to hold the funeral with rituals according to the wishes of the family members. Things happen so.. extremely disgusting.
Keep track of the news When we follow the news we came to know the doctors and the police had done autopsy and DNA identification and investigated how and why they perished. All the undertakings conformed to law.
Tie the hands with rope at the backThe dead bodies had been found with their face blindfolded and their hands tied at their backs. Throats were cut and all the hands and legs were also severed. Relatives came to where the excavations were done. The disinterred were identified as Hindus from Khamaungseik village. “The inspection of dead bodies reveals that they were killed with their throat being cut. Some bodies show the legs and hands are cut by swords. After cutting the legs and hands off the throats are slit. 12 bodies of women are discovered in the first place, 16 bodies of children and boys in another place. More bodies of men are also found” said medical superintendent of Maungtaw Hospital.(Kyemon 26.9.2017 P-8)
Maungtaw Township Judge U Zaw Zaw Than also said   As police asked for permission to excavate the buried dead bodies and to investigate the cause of death, the permission for excavation was granted in accord with the law.
Meet with people of Islamic faithThe Union Minister went to New Pazunchaung  village, meet with Islamic villagers and inquire about current situation of the area. Then, he delivered Ks 50,000 to each household and supported  Ks 1,050,000 in total for 21 households.(26.9.2017- Global New Light of Myanmar  P-6). There are worse news to hear.
My thoughts(1) I am a Buddhist.(2) I have due regard to people of other religion though I am a Buddhist. No discrimination between Christian, Islam, Hindu, white or dark. I pay regard and respect to all faiths.(3) Nevertheless, terrorism is not absolutely accepted. Compassion and hatred(anger) are east and west, totally different.(4) Not only I, the whole world won’t accept terrorism. Do they know the real situation of Rakhine State.(5) The laws are enacted. Live and work under the rule of law. Respect and observe the law.(6) I wonder and I can’t accept those reckless, lawless activities.(7) Sometimes mentality of vengeance may erupt. Better control with great prudence. We are mankind, ordinary mankind who may have anger sometimes and even forget to obey the law. Control yourself and be mindful … be mindful-:
CompassionCompassion is the core of Buddhism. Not only Buddhism, other religions also based on compassion.
Counter-Terrorism LawCounter-Terrorism Law has already been enacted by Pyidaungsu Hluttaw as Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Law No. 23/2014 on 4.6.2004. The law defines what is terrorism.
ExplosivesTerrorists commit massacre using explosives. They killed people with unprecedented brutality. They cut hands and legs and then cut the throat with knives. Never heard, never seen such despicable barbarities. Now we hear, we see the incidents. It actually transpired. It becomes questionable if the terrorists are human being. No empathy, no pity and inhumane acts. Everyone can come and inspect the real ground situation.
InstigationInstigate with intent. Spread the false news, both clandestinely and blatantly. They are none other than the Media Men… bias media….they made fake news rampant though they know the reality… it is terrorism. Again suspicion arises – are the media paid or are the media controlled by a group of goliaths who abet terrorists. Incredible media. One day, It is sure, the liars have to get comeuppance.

Global consternation  The world was shocked and dismayed.“We have absolutely no fear for international inspection and pressure.” (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)
The gritty speech of State Counsellor has overwhelmed the world. The world pays more attention, thinks deeper in the case, judgement they make who are real victims. Slew of supports by both outside and inside rallies. No flaunting, no exaggeration! But the jealous denigrates… the pessimists castigate.
People who can contain anger 1. I am also angry when I am attacked. Action calls for reaction. If he blows I will blow back. Everybody has fighting spirit. How you fare?2. However, we should not go wild, intense and foolhardy in retaliation;  try to collect yourself, must be prudent.3. We should manifest our straightforwardness, truthfulness and firmness in this regard. Entertain the peace-loving mentality together with the people. It is time to consider the background history of Rakhine State, people’s regard on this issue and good and bad legacies. We should approach the crisis from different angles and from different views. We must discuss. Stay united in oneness.4. Let the world hear justice. Let the world know the truth. Myanmar is cultured people, never pursue the path of wrath without control. This is Myanmar’s identity. United Nations, a legally- bound organization must observe the law. Does UN take side, turn the blind eye on terrorist’s atrocities in Rakhine.
What to do?The name of the terrorists will be sent to Bengladesh government, INTERPOL and UN to be able to take action according to the law. Moreover ………..
Retain the cultureEthnic people such as Mro, Daignet had to flee their residents, their villages. Resettlement program and programs to retain the culture of the ethnics will be carried out immediately. Will seek the advice from UN-HABITAT, will have to accept repatriates under 1993 agreement, all in compliance with the law. There might be confidential program in combating the terrorism. With method, with system, with policy, with strategy, and with law.
People in consolidated unity 1. This is the time to get in one voice.2. This is the time to get completely united.3. This is the time to set the disagreement and misunderstanding aside.4. This is the time to avoid mutual recrimination.5. This is the time not to get ablaze with fury.6. This is the time not to instigate to a riot.7. Don’t make mistake.8. To be knowledgeable and understand.9. Try to get the best result out of the messy issue.10. To be dignified Myanmar in the world.Rallies across the country in support of the explicit speech and gritty performance of State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi regarding the Rakhine Issue are the undeniable testimony of the consolidated backing of the whole people.
Read more the news papersRead more newspapers, listen more radio news and watch more news on television. Better to extend your reading to news in English language in addition to reading news in Myanmar. Take helps from those who are good at English if you are weak in English. Only then you can know the world. We once fell in trouble as we lack world knowledge. We should chalk the failures up to experience. The world is wide, Myanmar should not be lagged behind. Myanmar will always be an eternal entity in the world. To not forget, to not be careless, to strive more….I believe like this.
Lawyer and tears1. I am a lawyer.2. As I am a lawyer, I have to plead against terrorists at the court of justice.3. I have to define what is right and what is wrong and take side on the right. Make a clear cut decision. Don’t get astride on the fence.4. The photo of Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye wiping the tears of Hindus drove me into utter desolation. My heart beat heavily.5. I could control my anger, but … tears rolling down on my cheek.

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