Let’s avoid hate speech


With the promise of change, NLD won a landslide victory in 2015 general election. To keep its promise, the NLD government has launched its first 100-day plan to effectuate change in various sectors. Nevertheless, it is not as easy to implement change as it is said because everything needs changing. This being so, the government has to select areas of priority. In fact, it is undeniable that this period is only a transitional period. Naturally, transition from a quasi-civilian government into a purely democratic administration requires the incumbent government to perform a herculean task.  In addition to its onerous duties of managing the day-to-day affairs of the state, the government is assigned with the historic task of reconciling the disunities and discords between and among the national races and ethnic minorities. Only when this process of national reconciliation is achieved, will the government be able to amend the constitution because the union peace conference – the 21st century Panglong will focus on power sharing, resource sharing and revenue sharing.
In this juncture, it is of utmost importance for the entire mass of people to co-operate with the government, actively participating in the government’s nation-building tasks, national development activities, restoration of law and order, enforcement of the rule of law and last but not the least the national reconciliation process. Now is the time for all citizens with different political beliefs, different religious faiths, different social and cultural backgrounds to be united, harbor amity towards one another, forgetting bitter things of the past, forgiving one another, just being bent upon establishment of a democratic, federal union.
As we are all residing in the same land, partaking the same water, let’s be united, especially at this critical point, abandoning enmity, hatred and animosity, avoiding hate speech. Let’s restrain our physical, verbal and mental volitional activities in order that misunderstandings are not created. And let’s live in unity within diversity.

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