Lime growers reap healthy profits this summer

Photo shows lime trees bearing lime fruits.  Photo: Supplied
Photo shows lime trees bearing lime fruits.  Photo: Supplied

FARMERS growing limes in Kya In Seikgyi Township, Kawkareik District, Kayin State, say they reaped a handsome profit, as there is an increasing demand for limes in the domestic market.
Local growers have said, “The demand for the crop continues to increase in the local markets.”
Seasonal lime plants thrive in some villages in Kya In Seikgyi Township, including Kyakhetchaung, Kyaingyi, Khotkhwa, Tagay, Meelaungchaung, Tulegon and Thameinlit villages.
One local grower noted, “Based on the size and freshness, fresh lime fruits are sold for 80 kyats per fruit in the hot season.
Last monsoon, the prices of a lime fruit was worth only two kyats. Thanks to good transportation, the fresh crops were transported to the markets in cars.”
The lime, the small citrus fruit, is fresher and more fragrant than the lemon. It has light green flesh and is approximately 6 cm in size. Lime is also used as an ingredient in cooking, and when used in drinks and sauces it creates a fresh and “zingy” taste.
Lime plants can be seen throughout the country. The fruits grown in Kya In Seikgyi Township are often sent to nearby markets.
Also, lime is famous among the public, as it helps in weight loss and increases immunity from diseases.
Merchants estimate that the crop will likely continue to sell well in the local market throughout this season. Growers and exporters are considering manufacturing finished goods from locally-produced lime fruits, in anticipation of healthy exports.—Myo Min Oo (IPRD)

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